At TickTockVintage, we specialise in providing vintage clothing for women and men in wholesale.
Our company finds the best apparel from the 1960s to the 1990s which are in extremely good condition and of the highest quality.
Our collection of vintage pieces is guaranteed to make you nostalgic and impress you.


The company is the actualisation of a dream by two Italian girls, Nabila Gallozzi and Gessica Preto Martini.
Their love for classic and high quality clothing and an eye for the best articles led to the creation of TickTockVintage Wholesale Clothing based in London back in 2010.

The company started out small, where the pair, Nabila and Gessica, would sell various vintage items to shops along the streets of London from a suitcase.
Now, TickTockVintage has blossomed into one of the best suppliers of all things beautiful and classic, wrapped in an air of urban divine.
There is no better place to source vintage clothes in London, and all this has been made possible by the creators of the company’s dedication.


Vintage fashion is fascinating because it carries with it a story, especially when a certain item was worn by a significant individual.
This fascination is what drew Gessica into vintage bulk sale from her background in mass communication and cultural studies.
She believes, “Every item has a journey, a story. There is something truly romantic about being a part of this.”

As for Nabila, vintage and retro fashion isn’t far from her background in interior design, only the subject changed.
Her love for these designs drive her to create and prepare the ultimate selection to choose from.
The two founders have worked hard to get the company to where it is today, and this was only possible
because of their drive and determination to maintain very high standards in every retro and classic item bought from TickTockVintage.


At TickTockVintage, all vintage pieces are handpicked from various chic warehouses after they have been shipped, mainly from Italy.

Where Nabila and Gessica ensure to only pick the best items and sell them here at an affordable price so everyone with a similar taste can enjoy. We ensure we select legitimate classics with a story behind them.

You can get your very own classic piece today, and we offer you several options so you can choose which you prefer:

1. Buy by handpicking the items

Come by our Italian warehouse and select the ones you like from our huge collection. You will pick and choose the items you want, minimum spending of £150 plus VAT. We also do Skype video meeting to help you choose if it is inconvenient for you to travel to us.

2. Buy in Pack of 25

Buy 25 items per pack from the same category. You will make the selection of 25 items from one category, select it from our warehouse or we do Skype video meeting to help you choose if it is inconvenient for you to travel to us.

3. Bulk Buy By The Kilo

This is the cheapest option where you bulk buy in kilo weight. We will pick the items for you based on your requirements and the mood board you send us. A kilo pack will have women and men's collections, where we mix and match the items. We strive to pick grade A items for you, but there will be grade B items in there too.


The two founders, Nabila Gallozzi and Gessica Preto Martini, strive to make their work as personalised as possible.
As such, you can expect to experience the very real essence of each item you purchase from TickTockVintage, because every piece is sincere and authentic.

Most retro fashion in the market is either in poor quality or in bad shape, but we only supply the best.
In fact, we pride ourselves in finding only top quality vintage and retro items which come mainly from Italy but also the rest of Europe.


Tick Tock Vintage


71 Dartmouth Road
SE23 3HT
United Kingdom