ASOS Marketplace Press Event

ASOS Marketplace Press Event

Featured StockLast week we were honoured to have ASOS Marketplace back at the warehouse to host a press event with Ameli from the fantastic brand Nordic Poetry.

ASOS Marketplace have been expanding over the past few years and is now home to hundreds of vintage boutiques and independent labels around the world. ASOS Marketplace has become the perfect platform for start up boutiques by providing a global audience, personal help from professionals and a website that is easy to navigate.

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So what were they doing at Tick Tock Vintage? ASOS Marketplace chose Nordic Poetry as a fantastic example of a successful boutique and brand and then had chosen us as it’s wholesalers. The press event was organised to show start up boutiques what happens during the process of going to a wholesaler to buy the stock you’re requiring and how to succeed from then onwards.

Journalists from all over Europe (see photos for reference and Instagram) all had their turn to pick and choose some items from Tick Tock Vintage and Ameli (Nordic Poetry) will be showing the journey that those items will have when selling them individually. Keep updated with this page to see those featured articles that are due for release this summer.


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