3 Easy Ways To Buy

We offer 3 easy ways to buy from TTVintage.
You can  buy online or at our warehouse.

1. Buy by handpicking the items


With this option, you can choose a selection of items from our large collections. Collection images are available to view on the website and please note the styles are only for reference, this is because our stock is fast moving, we have new stock arriving every 3 weeks. Our warehouse will have the latest items to select from. So come by our warehouse in Naples and select the ones you like from our huge collection. You will pick and choose the items you want and our minimum spending is £300 plus VAT. We also do Skype meeting to help you choose if it is inconvenient for you to travel to us.

2. Buy in pack of 25 items from one category


With this option, you can purchase a pack of 25 items from the same category ( for example blouse, skirts), chosen by you. If it is inconvenient for you to travel to us, you can send us a moodboard so that we can help you with your order. We also do Skype meeting.

3. Bulk Buy by the kilo


With this option, you can purchase in bulk by the kilo. We will help pick the items for you based on the requirements you provided. A kilo pack will have women’s or men’s collection, where we mix and match the items from different categories. We strive to pick grade A items for you, but there will be grade B items in there too. The more kilo of items you buy, the cheaper price we offer.

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