It’s Festival Season!

It’s Festival Season!

It’s July and it feels like we’ve already had our summer already. So many festivals have come and gone, the weather peaked in May and June to enormous highs and we were drinking cocktails like we were going to have a drought. During the summer, fashionistas/boutiques pick up some crazy unique items from us to wear to festivals which all go down like a treat. With Reading, Leeds and Bestival still around the corner we wanted to inspire you with our favourite looks so far this season.

Starting with Coachella where things are a little bit more relaxed and appear not quite as eccentric in comparison to our British festivals. A favourite picture that came out of this festival was this one, denim is a must have for festivals; they’re versatile, always on trend and perfect for when it gets chilly. A white tee would only be at Coachella, you wouldn’t find this at a muddy Brit festival however we can understand why you’d opt for this if you’re in the sunny state.

Glastonbury seemed to be the best one yet, with a fantastic line up and incredible weather you could wear whatever you wanted. At Glastonbury, there is no judgement on what you wear; you could play it down like Alexa Chung with trendy polka dots and cool cream jeans or reveal your inner gypsy with bright patterns, sequins and glitter. These two photos summarise how different the festival can be.


We bid a farewell to the Secret Garden Party this year, it has been a festival of escapism for many dreamers out there. Colours galore, props, costume jewellery and beautiful makeup, this festival is one for the creatives. Starting in 2004, it has been the Mecca of dance, electronic and world music and has now sadly come to an end. If this picture doesn’t inspire to get festival ready then we don’t know what will. Full of glitter and sequins, this photo represents SGP so well, we hope festival goers will find a new haven.

We Brits do festivals so well, we can tolerate all types of weather, have sleepless nights and still battle through a 3-4 day festival and come out the other side (almost). However if that life isn’t for you, a day festival is your next best choice, and it means you don’t have to plan your style choices nights in advance. These festivals are far more chilled and less extravagant than those long weekends. Blogger, Hannah Louise shows this casual vibe off fabulously wearing this on trend polka dot dress and white converse shoes (only at a day festival!).

If you’re heading to Reading, Leeds, Bestival or any other festivals this summer you can scroll down for more style inspiration..