Be Part of the Trend: Sustainable Fashion

As vintage wholesalers, we’re proud to represent one of the main and most exciting ways of recycling clothing. However, although vintage has become popular over the last 5 years, trends change every week which means fast fashion is what everyone wants. It’s not a decade at a time anymore, it’s days and to keep up you’ve often got to jump on the bandwagon quick before it changes again.

Sustainable fashion is growing thanks to advocates such as Emma Watson, Pharrell Williams and Michelle Obama who have been championing eco-friendly materials the past few years but the majority are still grabbing for those deals where cheap is better, including the materials.

We’ve all had our online Topshop binge sessions or gathered a huge haul of clothing from Primark but it’s time to address where our clothing comes from; is it ethically sourced? Have the materials been recycled? Or what would the environmental impact be if you were simply to throw them away?

In aid of this, we’ve gathered some of our favourite sustainable clothing websites for you: have a read of their bio, learn where the materials come from and join the trend!

Reformation : Trendy, patterns to die for and materials you’ll want be in all day..


ASOS Eco Edit : From basics to beautiful intricate designs, ASOS know!


Baserange : Minimalist and perfect for those basics


Gather&See : A collection of ethical brands from all across the world..


Beyond Skin : Thinking vegan shoes? Think no more..