Youtubers with Vintage Style

Youtubers with Vintage Style

Living in the internet age can be a beautiful thing, we have all this entertainment at our finger tips however having millions of videos to choose from can also be slightly overwhelming. Out of the all these Youtube beauty gurus, vloggers and stylists you ask yourself which one is going to give you the best advice? Who really is the most stylish? Is it those with the most views that we can trust?

Like the majority of young people, we are also glued to the computer screen and have finally compiled a list of our favourite vintage styled Youtubers who can help you find the best thrift shops, talk you through the eras and give your some major inspiration.

Number One:

The Fashion CitizenUntitled-2-1000x800

Two sisters from Arizona who started there Youtube journey with DIY’s, thrift hauls and some incredible Outfit of the Day looks. They’re both charming and have undoubtedly a natural eye for what’s trending. If you want to see some amazing editing and are looking for inspiration then follow these ladies.

Number Two:



1/4 of The Confetti Crowd, this lady owns the word sassy. Colourful, cute and a delight to watch. Lulu has taken the blogging world by storm, check out her Instagram for some major style envy! If you’re looking to watch someone on Youtube who isn’t afraid of colour and patterns then this is the girl. You’ll see hauls ranging from designers, depop to her nearest carboot sale.

Number Three:



Vegan, an advocate for cruelty free makeup and clothing; this woman is a walking earth goddess. Not only are her hauls and makeup tutorials helpful, her montages and video editing are a thing of beauty. She has a very sweet sixties style that is hard not to fall in love with. Just watch and you’ll see why we’re obsessed!

Number Four:

Steal the Spotlight


If you want to go all in to get your vintage fix, then watch this Australian Fashion Vlogger, Katie. She’s created lookbooks you thought you could only dream of and will take you through the eras that have some incredible video editing. A lover of all thing vintage, she has done her research into each era creating some wonderful looks.

Number Five:

British Vogue; Inside the Wardrobe

maxresdefault (1)

Where do we even start. As this fantastic series continues, they’ve delved into the wardrobes of Suki Waterhouse, Lily Allen,┬áCaroline De Maigret and more. Whilst it gives us an insight into these fashion idols style, we’ve often found that a large amount of their clothes come from thrift/vintage stores with inspiration from their grandmothers to style icons Twiggy and Jane Birkin. The editing and style of the videos makes it a delight to watch with stylist Bay Garnett as the warming, cheerful presenter.